Cyber Ecosystem: Know the Enemy and Your Allies

The cyber ecosystem includes all participants in cyberspace and their constantly changing interactions—both good and bad. Given the number of people, networks, devices, and entities involved, a cyber ecosystem tends to be a target-rich environment. A healthy cyber ecosystem brings together “the good guys” to anticipate, prevent, and minimize threats and attacks from cyber criminals.

Azule’s Cyber Ecosystem

  1. Industry-based, Intelligence-sharing Groups and Organizations
  2. Global and U.S. Companies
  3. U.S. Military Cyber Defense Experts
  4. U.S. Military Veterans and Service Members (Primary source of Cyber Academy students)
  5. Network Security Technology Companies (FireEye, Palo Alto Networks, Archer, HP-Fortify, Cisco, etc.)
  6. US Government Security Agencies (NSA, FBI, DOD, etc.)
  7. Cyber Security Training and Certifications (Azule Cyber Academy)
  8. The bad guys – Terrorists and Cyber Criminals

Need a healthier cyber ecosystem? Looking for more allies—including highly trained U.S. military veterans <link to Veteran Value page>? Contact Azule Cyber today for cyber security analysis, strategy, and staffing.