Know the Cost of Cyber Attacks

The financial impact of cyber attacks can be significant and far-reaching. By some accounts, costs top $400 billion a year, including the damage itself and the subsequent disruptions in business. But costs go beyond the bottom line. Consider the possible ramifications of a cyber crime against your organization:

  • Lost time and productivity due to inaccessible networks, communications, payroll services, etc.
  • Threat mitigation and restoring your systems to normal working order.
  • Regulatory mandated expenses in the event of a data breach, such as per record costs and identity protection services.

  • Lawsuits due to damage, defamation, or emotional distress after a breach.
  • Intangibles such as loss of reputation, decreased brand equity, and the correlating decline in sales.
  • Lost opportunities and sales in the event of an intellectual property theft.
  • Potential loss of life due to hacked imbedded devices.

While cyber insurance can lessen the financial impact of a cyber attack, other costs simply can’t be recouped. Learn how to protect your assets and personnel with cyber security services and network security staffing from Azule Cyber <link to Contact Us>.